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The Leading Women’s Alliance aims to empower women to become headteachers, so that every child can benefit from going to a school led by a great headteacher.

In addition to campaigning to change the systems and practices that deter and prevent women succeeding in headship, through our LWA Pledge, we provide practical support for women applying for headship and those in the first two years of their headship. This is achieved through our LWA.

The Network does the following:
  • Provides termly ‘pop-ups’ facilitated and led by experienced HTs, with structured, yet personalised sessions both for women who are making headship applications (the ‘how to apply’, giving and receiving feedback, interview practise etc), women who are new heads or in the first two years of headship (solution-focused strategies and peer coaching) and encouragement to keep on applying for those who want to re-apply.
  • Coaching – both one-to-one and through peer coaching
  • Networks women in headship who request support and guidance at time of difficulty. We aim to encourage a self-sustaining group of women HTs.
  • Designs and delivers women’s NPQ programmes ie. in partnership with Teaching School Alliances and ASCL, LWA leads on the only Women’s NPQSL.

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