Our Courageous Conversations Training

Our Courageous Conversations Training

Our Training Offer

We support schools in empowering their staff to be empowered to have courageous conversations in the workplace.

What is a Courageous Conversation?
In courageous conversations, whether in the context of performance appraisal, mentoring, or coaching, individuals are encouraged to express their views openly and truthfully, rather than defensively or with the purpose of laying blame. Integral to courageous conversations is an openness to learn.

What is an example of a Courageous Conversation
Typical examples include handling conflict, confronting a colleague, expressing an unpopular idea on a team, asking for a favour, saying no to a request for a favour, asking for a raise, or trying to have a conversation with someone who is avoiding you. Research shows that many women find such “courageous conversations” challenging.

What to Expect
Expect to be challenged in a safe and supportive way as we navigate how to set up and hold the conversations that we avoid. We will unpack the themes of authenticity, vulnerability and courage, considering what this means for our leadership style.

What You Will Learn
We will raise our consciousness, increase our confidence and develop our competence in how we show up as leaders. We will develop deep listening skills, we will explore difficult topics, and we will practise the art of simultaneously caring and challenging others.

What You Will Gain
You will develop new skills. You will establish critical friends. You will be more confident in tackling those courageous conversations with your colleagues.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for HR conferences, trust training events and individual teams.

Our training sessions include:
  • Creating the Container
  • Building Psychological Safety
  • Embracing Vulnerability
  • Balancing Care and Challenge
  • Handling Emotional Wake
Our clients include:
  • Dollar Academy
  • Elliot Learning Foundation
  • Hearts Academy Trust
  • Summit Learning Trust

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