#DiverseEd Partners


Diverse Educators is a growing community of people who are committed to moving the agenda forwards regarding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our schools. A diverse education is inclusive, it creates a sense of belonging by celebrating the intersectionality of our identities and by ensuring that lived experience is represented.

Beginning in the grassroots space, #DiverseEd has relied on the generosity of our community in gifting their time, experience and expertise as a resource for others to learn and develop from. Each of our events has been made possible through the support of contributors, exhibitors and partners.

A range of different partners have sponsored aspects of each event over the last 4 years, to enable us to make the #DiverseEd events as accessible as possible for the community to attend.

Each organisation we partner with is aligned with the Diverse Educator’s vision, mission and values.

We would like to express our gratitude to our 2020-21 partners for supporting Diverse Educators and for sponsoring the creation of the website to enable us to amplify the impactful work that each organisation does to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda in the school system:
We are excited to be extending our #DiverseEd partnership for 2021-22 with:
  • Leeds Beckett University  - a Higher Education Institution that is committed to placing social justice at the core of their work.
  • Lyfta - a digital platform which immerses children in global human stories as a dynamic curriculum resource.


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