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Parent Scheme works with organisations to help them support working parents. Based on a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion it:
  • Uses a graphic design style to be relevant to all, irrespective of sex, ethnic background or personal circumstances;
  • Deploys a coaching based approach allowing users to find the right solutions for them as individuals;
  • Provides information and resources across the spectrum of issues facing working parents making no assumptions about their path to parenthood or their parenting choices;
  • Encourages working parents to recognise the needs and priorities of their colleagues who may not be parents but who face their own challenges in working life.
Accessible to all parents, it provides:
  • Tailored career development support at a stage of working life when many make career choices under extreme personal pressure;
  • A guide to every stage of the working parent lifecycle - from the journey into parenthood though the time on leave and into the crucial career years that follow;
  • A holistic approach to wellbeing focused on the issues which typically affect working parents.
  • A comprehensive overview of childcare options and support for children and teenagers with easy to use resources;
  • Consumer-friendly information that distils the key legal and financial topics that parents need to know;

Throughout the pandemic we will be making free support available to parents via our app. This
includes resources and livestreams. Please visit

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