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PhysEquity is a social change movement, with a vision of equitable physical education.

We acknowledge that although the term ‘BAME’ (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) is widely accepted, it is contested by members of this community and we seek to represent everybody.

The current teaching workforce is not representative of our diverse population and the curriculum is not culturally responsive to our students that we teach.

In order to achieve this vision, we have outlined some initial aims that we are currently working to:
  • raise the profile of physical education
  • make changes in physical education to promote equity and equality
  • support BAME physical educators
  • support people with different abilities
  • increase the number of BAME physical educators in physical education teacher education recruitment
  • engage BAME physical educators in research opportunities and network meet-ups.

As a social change movement, inclusivity is at the core of PhysEquity and our network includes all people that support our cause. Our logo is a very important part of our collective identities; the silhouettes represent four animations of women, a historically marginalised group within physical education; ‘BAME’ hosts the pride flag colours and ‘PE’ hosts the trans flag colours.

We support all teachers attempting to be better for their students for antiracism and equity, we amplify voices from minority teachers to support them in the profession, from every protected characteristic.

We hear you and we see you.

Women Leaders Series – this series shares the experiences of women leaders in physical education and was created based on conference feedback that stated: ‘we want to see people like us’.



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