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At Spotlight Inclusion, we strive to inspire innovative progression of representation and diversity in the arts – both on stage and in the audience. We aim to support performing arts organisations by creating a diverse, representative workforce and audience base.

Our consultants work closely with leaders and their teams to analyse an organisation’s current standing with diversity, equity, and inclusion. We focus on practical, implementable strategies with an intersectional approach. These tools and solutions help foster consistent, positive movement toward a more inclusive space for everyone involved.

We work with arts organisations to build a robust long-term strategic plan to maintain and elevate positive progress and help organisational leaders remove barriers to better support their team. We give practical support by creating, delivering, and implementing actionable, measurable training plans tailored to the organisation’s goals and needs. We offer guidance, validation, and understanding to individuals who are experiencing discrimination and providing tools to navigate difficult, even unacceptable, situations.

Spotlight Inclusion works with a range of high profile arts organisations across the UK including The National Theatre, The Old Vic, South Bank Centre, Theatre Royal Stratford East and Lakeside Arts, Nottingham.

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