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The Early Years Black List came about as a result of many conversations around the lack of Black voices within the Early Years community – for round-table discussions, conferences, contribution to research, etc.

The List is a resource for event organisers and those in the media, television and publishing world who are looking to highlight diverse and authentic voices. All of our colleagues on the list have a wide range of expertise and knowledge of Early Years education, care, health and social work and can speak not only about issues that affect their community but also about being Black and working in the Early Years sector.

Black Early Years colleagues appear on the list irrespective of their role, responsibility or job title. They include academics, teachers, trainers, assistants; we don’t discriminate against anybody based on their career. We acknowledge and understand that the term Black is one that has had many evolutions and its politicisation has encompassed many different people’s racialised identities across the diaspora. We use the term ‘Black’ to welcome colleagues who identify any part of their heritage as being rooted in Africa and/or the Caribbean. It is important to us that we get the full spectrum of diasporic representation in our mission to amplify the rich tapestry of Black voices.

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