We take accessibility very seriously. It is important to us that everyone can access and engage with the Diverse Educators website.

We have taken the following steps to support the accessible use of our website:
  • Website structure that follows best practice to support screen readers
  • Responsive design that maintains layout when the web browser zoom is used
  • Header tags
  • ALT text on imagery
  • All text is readable by screen reader. No text is only a part of an image
  • Contrasting colours to maintain visibility
  • Minimum font size of 18pt for readability
  • Large clickable area on buttons
  • Clear spacing between items
  • Videos have the option of subtitles
  • Twitter hashtags have each word capitalised for screen reader compatibility
Future Additions:
  • Translation option
  • Better support for keyboard only navigation
  • We are considering recording audio versions of our blogs. Screen readers can be used currently
  • When events return to face to face, we would like to include sign language

If you have any further suggestions or feedback. Please get in touch.

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