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Marriage & Civil Partnership

Marriage &Civil Partnership

A person has the protected characteristic of marriage and civil partnership if the person is married or is a civil partner. A reference to a person who has a particular protected characteristic is a reference to a person who is married or is a civil partner; a reference to persons who share a protected characteristic is a reference to persons who are married or are civil partners.

How can we ensure that people who are married and united as civil partners are treated fairly and feel like they belong in our schools?

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Amnesty International UK (Human Rights Education team)

Amnesty International UK creates human rights education (HRE) resources, online courses, teacher training and youth activism coaches training.

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Diverse History UK

Diverse History UK provide educational consultancy and resource production services to address diversification of school curricula.

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GAEd Training and Consultancy was set up to support schools with LGBTQ+ inclusion.

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IKWRO is a registered charity, set up to help women and girls from the UK’s Middle Eastern communities (Iranian,
Kurdish, Arab, Afghan and Turkish).

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Integrate UK

Integrate UK is a youth-led charity that invests in the skills and talents of marginalised, socio-economically challenged young people to nurture future leaders who promote our vision of gender and racial equality and community cohesion.

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LGBTQIA+ Early Years

Our purpose is to promote inclusivity of LGBTQIA+ within all Early Years settings (child minders, nannies, nurseries, schools).

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Proud 2 b Parents

We exist to improve the health and wellbeing of LGBT+ parents/carers and their children, whilst reducing health inequalities.

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Trans Catholic Teacher

George White provides training in LGBT Inclusion specifically for Catholic schools.

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Troy Jenkinson Education

Troy Jenkinson, a passionate advocate for inclusivity, creates positive change through the power of storytelling. As an accomplished author of children’s books, he celebrates diversity and fosters empathy in young readers.

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