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#DiverseEd Virtual January 2021

Full Event

Full Event from 16th January 2021.

Session 1

Diverse Children with Anita Fiddes Kapadia, Dylan Ahmed, Sandra Harrison, Yasmin Omar and Dr Tom Dobson.

Session 2

Diverse Curriculum with Amjad Ali, Jessica Austin-Burdett, Nick Bentley, Kate Hollinshead and Rahul Karavadra.

Session 3

Diverse Staff with Aneesa Haroon, Vilok Avadhan, Cleo de Jong, Evelyn Forde and Carly Hind.

Session 4

Diverse Schools with Anjum Peerbacos, Kemi Oloyede, Youlande Harrowell and Jac Bastian.

Session 5

Diverse Perspectives with Sophie Christophy, Aliyah York, Ava James, Ayah, Lottie Cooke and Simi Musa.

Session 6

Thank yous, summary and #MyDiverseEdPledge.

Bennie's Book Launch

Full Event – 14/11/20

With guests Christine Counsell, Mary Myatt, Sonia Thompson and Tom Sherrington.

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Session 1 – 19/11/20

With guests Dolapo Ogunbawo, Steve Edmonds, Jeannie Hume and Linda Unternahrer.

Session 2 – 3/12/20

How to make your governing body inclusive with guests Adrian McLean, Emma Gregory, Ninna Makrinov, Mark Taylor and Raj Unsworth.

Session 3 – 14/01/21

With guests Maureen Chiana, Prince Caesar and Sharon Warmington.

DiverseEd Virtual October 2020

Full Event

Virtual – Full Event from 17/10/20

Session 1

Diverse Children with Amanda Jane Carter-Philpott, Anton Chisholm, David Hermitt Lisa Stephenson and Nicole Ponsford.

Session 2

Diverse Curriculum with Amardeep Panesar, Christopher Richards, Laila El-Metoui, Sufian Sadiq and Penny Rabiger.

Session 3

Diverse Staff with Abena Akuffo-Kelly, Javay Jeff Welter, Lily Bande, Yamina Bibi and Tasha Fletcher.

Session 4

Diverse Schools with Andrew Moffat, Ebanie Xavier-Cope, Jared Cawley, Sajid Gulzar and Professor Vini Lander.

DiverseEd Virtual June 2020

Full Event

Virtual – Full Event from 13/6/20

Session 1

Landscape with Alison Kriel, Allana Gay, Daniel Gray and Liz Wright

Session 2

Curriculum with Bennie Kara, Kate Smith, Mark Pritchard and Serdar Ferit

Session 3

Culture with Audrey Pantelis, Hannah Jepson, Naomi Ward and Patrick Ottley-O’Connor

Session 4

Leadership with Adrian McLean, Amy Ferguson, Dennis Simms and Kiran Gill

Fast Forward Diversity Inclusion Webcasts

Episode 1

With Rhodora Palomar-Fresnedi.

Episode 2

With Liz Wright.

Episode 3

with Professor Paul Miller.

Episode 4

With Dr Fran Johnston.

Episode 5

With Sarah Dolman.

Episode 6

With Fajli Bibi.

Episode 7

With Sabrina Jones and Josh Olasehinde.

Episode 8

With Dion Johnson.

Episode 9

With Shaun Dellenty.

Episode 10

with Ray Vincent.

Episode 11

With Andrew Moffat.

Episode 12

With Hansah Hussain and Iqra Iqbal.

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