Diverse Educators:A Manifesto

Diverse Educators:A Manifesto

Our book will be published by Legend Times / The University of Buckingham Press in April 2022. We are excited to be working with 10 chapter editors and 100 contributors on this writing project.

The Diverse Educators’ book will be structured, like our website, around the Equality Act. There will be ten chapters, one for each of the nine Protected Characteristics (Age; Disability; Gender Reassignment; Pregnancy and Maternity; Marriage and Civil Partnership; Race; Religion and Belief; Sex; Sexual Orientation) with a tenth chapter exploring intersectionality.

Each chapter has a chapter editor who is working with ten contributors offering a multiplicity of perspectives on the protected characteristic being explored in the chapter. Each contributor will interweave personal and professional narrative, framed in theory, to respond to current and historic debates. The chapter editor will write the introduction to the chapter to give context and to frame the chapter’s narratives, arguments and provocations.

We are committed to capturing the collective voice of our community and to showcasing the diverse lived experiences of educators. We are keen for Diverse Educators: A Manifesto to be both academic and accessible. We intend for the book to be solutions-focused with high-quality input on practice, pedagogy, people management and policy.

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