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The Association for Science Education (ASE) is an active membership body that has been supporting all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education for over 100 years; members include teachers, technicians, tutors and advisers. We are a Registered Charity with a Royal Charter, owned by our members and independent of government. We seek to create a powerful voice for science education professionals in order to make a positive and influential difference to the teaching and learning of science throughout the UK and further afield.

We are leading a national project called Inclusion in Schools because we recognise the importance of improving the education experience for all young people regardless of circumstance. This is a whole school project that goes beyond the science classroom. It aims to support state-funded secondary schools in England to address barriers to inclusion that can affect the subject choices students make. The pandemic has undone a lot of good work when it comes to inclusion and closing the gap, so this work is particularly important at this time and together we can make real change happen.

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