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Beyond Equality specialises in working with men and boys towards gender equality, healthier relationships and more positive masculinities. We have run the Great Men project with UK schools for 8 years, creating transformative conversations with over 25,000 young men and boys.

We combine expert facilitation with best practice from psychology, anthropology, philosophy, management and economics to delivery pragmatic, evidence based training and workshops to schools, universities & workplaces. Through education and cultural change programs, we challenge and encourage men and people of all genders to rethink gender roles and identity in thought, word, and deed.

We’re starting vital conversations within schools about the state of gender inequality and masculinities, to help boys become aware of the issues, but crucially, also makes them part of the solution.

Young men and boys need space outside of peer pressures and expectations to explore who they are and the sort of impact that they want to have on their communities. The core of our work is creating open and interactive discussions for all young men, so they can be happier and be part of preventing inequality and violence.

However, their behaviours and attitudes are not just individual, but also formed through their relationships with their family and peers, and shaped in the context of a school culture. We foster individual change by helping schools, teachers and parents to support and guide their young men through these explorations.

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