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Bianca Chappell

Bianca Chappell

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Bianca Chappell is a highly acclaimed NLP Master Life & Cognitive Behavioural Coach, recognised for her expertise in guiding clients through transformative personal development journeys. Specialising in mindset rebooting, confidence, and accountability, she empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. Bianca’s unique perspective as a mental health specialist enriches her coaching practice, prioritising holistic growth and well-being. Her dedication to empowering others shines through in her impactful coaching approach, making her a trusted partner in personal and professional transformation.

Coaching Experience

With expertise as an NLP Practitioner, Mental Health First Aider, and educational Senior Designed Mental Health Lead, she is a Cognitive Behavioral Coach renowned in the UK and New York’s female entrepreneur and education sectors. Experienced in coaching high-profile clients and individuals aspiring to achieve remarkable goals, she leads coaching master classes, roundtables 1:1 coaching journeys, and group coaching programs. Her approach blends psychological insights with practical strategies, empowering clients to navigate challenges effectively and unlock their full potential. Her coaching methodologies have proven instrumental in fostering personal growth and professional success across diverse backgrounds and aspirations.

Career Experience

With a Joint Honours BA degree, Bianca ascended to roles such as Head of Year Head of Alternative Education and Pastoral Manager. Her pivotal work as the Developer of an Alternative Education curriculum for a leading UK school trust showcased innovative educational approaches. As an schools Ethos Lead, Bianca strategically develops and oversees a holistic pastoral support provision in education. Transitioning to coaching, she excelled as a Personal Development Coach and founded the UK’s premier non-profit supporting women in enterprise. Her impact extendeds to contributing to educational coaching circles and as Senior Strategic Lead for a CPY mental health organisation, fortifying her legacy in education and mental health advocacy.

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Cognitive Behavioural Coach

I never expected such a connection with a Coach, Bianca just gets it, and really got me. It’s like she was inside my head digging out the answers that were already deep down in there. I have a renewed motivation to carry on, pages of notes and plans to put into action, and honestly, all aspects of my life will improve as a result of these sessions. I will miss the chats (although they were so much more than this) and know that I’m only finished ‘for now’, I will have no hesitation to ask for further help when I need it. I wholeheartedly recommend Bianca, if you are not running at your full potential, she will put you on the right path!

Carli Wall

I feel very grateful for having the opportunity to complete the 3 day Mindset Mastery Challenge recently with Bianca. I was so unsure of myself, lacking direction and motivation and had lost my sense of self worth. I only realised all these things when I was given the space and support to explore what I truly wanted, what my next steps were and how I was going to achieve my goals. I absolutely loved being part of a mini-community of like-minded women and felt safe to share (via live videos which I’d never dreamed of doing before!) my vision and celebrating my successes for once. I not only feel excited about my new business (with added drive and determination), but I am also excited about my future. Bianca, with your help and guidance, that overwhelmed feeling has gone and in its place is happiness, love and an understanding that the best is still to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and the sparkle in my mind.

Kelly Hopkinson

Thank You Bianca for being just so damn amazing and great at your job! You’ve helped me flipped a switch in my mind that has been on locked down off too long. I’ve done many courses to combat my fear of public speak but nothing has helped if anything I got worst. But in just 2 weeks you’ve got me to achieve the impossible, now I’m sitting in shock that I’ve been interview BBC News Oxford and featured in their mumpreneur report today on tv. One of my fav things about Bianca is that she’s so easy to talk to and really listens! I will be working with Bianca for the foreseeable future. If like me a few months ago, you’re debating whether to work with Bianca. My advice is ‘Just do it’, don’t be like me and regret not getting in touch with her sooner.

Linh Vih