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Black British Studies aims to challenge Eurocentric perspectives that permeate our historical knowledge and current perceptions by supporting schools, organisations, and individuals in their own anti racist journey. Set up in 2020 by Leila a Humanities Teacher and History specialist of 14 years, we follow a belief that providing a more equitable and inclusive workplace and education, starts with understanding our history, the development of stereotypes and the complexity of British Identity today.

We provide flexible online courses for organisations and individuals as well as bespoke webinars and workshops in Black British History and antiracism. In addition, we offer education consultancy and teacher training to secondary schools in diversifying their curriculum and improving inclusive practices for students and staff, as well as providing workshops to students ranging from history to environmental racial justice.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your needs and go to our online platforms to see blogs, podcasts, and other articles of interest.

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