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Bold Voices is a social enterprise preparing and empowering young people at school and university to recognise and tackle rape culture. The bedrock of a rape culture lies in the seemingly insignificant attitudes and beliefs that are embedded from a young age. Through education and the facilitation of difficult conversations from positions of empathy and understanding we support young people in understanding that the outcome of these attitudes is a culture that normalises high rates of sexual violence.

We deliver workshops, talks, courses and resources in schools for pupils, teachers and parents. For our thriving online community of young people (@HearThisBoldVoice) we run events, produce resources and provide a space for learning and action. We do this work in partnership with key organisations including Our Streets Now, Everyone’s Invited, Be Her Lead and university societies across the UK.

“Storytelling is an essential part of the antirape movement, but it won’t end sexual violence. Solving a problem doesn’t necessitate that everyone knows the details. Survivors don’t need more awareness; we need a complete overhaul of society’s distribution of power. Prevention specialists emphasize that awareness alone is not enough to stop sexual violence; it must be coupled with education that deepens understanding of its roots causes and the norms, attitudes, and behaviors that enable it.”Wagatwe Wanjuki

During the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence Against Women and Girls in 2019 we carried out research into the education that university students had received on rape culture. You can find our key findings here.

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