Dwain Brandy portrait

Written by Dwain Brandy

Outstanding teacher, behaviour leader, and Race Equality ambassador. He is on a leadership journey towards becoming a Headteacher.

In 2020, I have had the opportunity to lead an Anti-Racist approach within Oasis Community Learning. The aim was to tackle institutionalised racism in and beyond our schools. Inspired by perceptions of learners, we have introduced a culturally inclusive diet that integrates multiple perspectives to topics within the National Curriculum to make it more inclusive for Global Majority learners and to ensure that whiteness is not the norm by which everything is measured. This will drive the narrative of decolonising the structures in education, focusing on Curriculum Reviews, Staff Training, CPD, Student Education, Community, and Leadership and Management.

With a wide range of different cultural backgrounds and nationalities in England, it is essential for the curriculum to reflect global society and to relate to the increasing global audience. My ethos is to implement a cultural approach that views schools through the perspective of its learners, where the intention is to challenge and change attitudes of society to accommodate an inclusive multicultural community within all schools across the UK.

It has been a challenging start to the school year, due to Covid-19 and limited time capacity to facilitate the project, where the majority of the work was completed outside of the school hours. Despite this, I’m proud to report that significant milestones have been achieved in the first term.

Curriculum Review and Adaptation

To implement an Anti-Racist, anti-oppressive and culturally inclusive diet that integrates multiple perspectives to topics within the National Curriculum to make it more inclusive for Global Majority students 

  • Audit the cultural diversity of each POS – are each POS representative of different cultures across the five years of study.  
  • Audit the teaching and learning through  an Anti-racist leans using the NEU anti-racist framework 
  • List of industry professionals , coaches and mentors that could be used for interventions via the list the race trust (launch term 2)
  • Initial meeting with Black and Global History trail, in conjunction with the UOM and the Heritage fund. UOM will find local trail blazers for core subjects (Maths, English and Science) with the aim of including these within the lessons. https://www.heritagefund.org.uk/hub/107833/news?page=9
  • Review the PSHE curriculum based on the feedback from students 
  • Anti-Racist training in conjunction with Kids of Colour and resources provided by theracetrust.org and MUSA to provide a framework lessons and a framework for the lessons 
  • Opportunity to discuss issue relating to race, politics, culture and identity with teaching staff chairing the conversations , addressing any misconceptions 
  • Diversity day, launching an racist agenda at oasis academy media city (rolled over to term 2)
  • Ensure that all cultural events are included in the calendar- for example refugee week, Diwali, Eid, Chinese new year, Wind rush day .  Robust plan for Black History Month. Use the OCL equality and diversity calendar as a framework for upcoming events.
  • Website, School Newsletters, Photos around the academy, class rooms,

Staff Training and CPD

Staff to become diversity champions, becoming experienced in an anti-racist and anti-oppressive pedagogy

  • Build in education of diversity into the yearly CPD programme.
  • Deliver a session on being diversity champions as staff
  • Anti-Racist Working party group (meeting termly)
  • Kids of colour Anti-racist training (Booked in for half term 2)
  • MUSA training introduction with all staff (Booked in for half term 2)
  • Breaking the cycle anti-racist training launch DBR

Student Education

Targeted interventions for Black and Global majority students

Review the area of concern (e.g. Careers / subject area) that needs intervention.

  • Subject specific interventions
  • Weekly / Fortnightly 1:1 tutorials with the university of Manchester and Aim Higher for Black students  interested in Optometry, Dentistry and Physics. Following students to be allocated a community mentor to hold them accountable (next term)   
  • Regular meetings with students that have been involved in racist attacks on other students. Far right extremism / anti-racism interventions Small little steps anti-racist training https://smallstepsconsultants.com/
  • Follow up Interventions focused on the impact of Hate Crime via The race Trust / Kids of colour 
  • Student ambassadors. Focused on an anti-racist approach and community cohesion  via the race Trust (Next term) 
  • Student voice (Half Termly Termly) 

Leadership and Management

Critically Review existing school policy through the lens of Black and Global Majority Learners

  • Racist incidents  is 3 days in Internal exclusion that could lead to a Fixed Term Exclusion 
  • Return to school meeting with parents and SLT
  • Incident is referred to the police, social services 
  • Repeat offenders will be Fixed Term Excluded
  • MUSA anti-racist course 6 week course to be completed 
  • Amended Anti-Racist section in the home school agreement for parents and staff to sign 


Community: Term 1

  • Weekly meetings with the community strategy response team
  • Collaborations with local anti-racist organisations (e.g., Anne Frank Trust, The Race Trust, Kids of Colour) 
  • Weekly meetings with the community strategy response team (Neighbourhood development officers, Salford Youth Service, Local Agencies focused on online safety , Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Update from the local PCSO’s)

Next Steps

  • Review existing performance management content and include a target aligned with becoming an anti-racist school
  • Audit of racial indents sanctions and restorative interventions
  • Name Blind recruitment process when appointing of  new staff 
  • Positive discrimination focused on the recruitment of Good/ outstanding BGM practitioners  
  • BGM representation on the OCL equivalent of the Board of governors 
  • Clear recruitment to leadership progression for BGM teachers