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Decade of Diversity

Decade of Diversity

We are delighted to be partnering with Inclusion Labs, on the Decade of Diversity campaign, as a values-aligned organisation committed to the leadership of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies to create sustained impact through systemic, structural and social change.

We will continue to raise awareness and consciousness across our growing community of diverse educators and their allies through our collective pledges to contribute to the diversification of the curriculum through literature and the diversification of the workforce through governance. Increased representation and visibility of diverse people and diverse narratives will create a greater sense of belonging for people from different stakeholder groups who are currently being marginalised by the education system and wider society.

We want all educators to celebrate diversity in a deep and meaningful way. By working together we will go further in our collective endeavours and shared vision.

Decade of Diversity Literature Pledge

Diverse Educators Pledge for Literature

In 2021 we pledge to:
  • Work with school leaders, multi academy trusts to educate institutions on the benefits of diverse literatures and diverse curricula in schools;
  • Promote diversity of literature in school libraries to meet DoD benchmarks;
  • Work with exam boards to include diverse literature at GCSE and A Level;
  • Work with publishers on campaigns to diversify literature in schools;
  • Provide a sound diverse reading base for adults working to develop diverse literature in schools through the 365 Books to Change the World daily tweets;
  • Amplify educators who are curating recommended reading lists to diversify children’s reading for pleasure;
  • Host an annual event for World Book Day to showcase diverse authors from our network;
  • Publish Diverse Educators: The Manifesto and distribute widely to educational institutions.
Decade of Diversity Governance Pledge

Diverse Educators Pledge for Governors

In 2021 we pledge to:
  • Raise awareness of the need for diverse governors and governing bodies to drive the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy through our social media channels;
  • Promote the need for governors to have diversity, equity and inclusion training and facilitate the training through open activities and commissioned training opportunities;
  • Signpost governance opportunities through our monthly #DiverseEd newsletter;
  • Encourage our #DiverseEd network to volunteer to be governors;
  • Publish blogs by diverse governors to share their experiences and expertise in fulfilling their commitment to diversity and inclusion;
  • Collaborate with partner governance organisations and amplify opportunities to become a diverse governor through our #DiverseEd website;
  • Include a diverse governor as a speaker at all of our #DiverseEd events;
  • Host a series of webcasts exploring #DiverseGovernance to amplify the voices and lived experience of diverse governors.