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Disability is often the forgotten characteristic and there are widely held negative assumptions made about disabled people. At DisabilityEdUK we want to support disabled educators to be fully contributing members in education in every role and at every level of leadership. We believe that school leaders have an important role to play in making the disabled workforce in education more accessible and representative of disabled educators everywhere which is why leadership development is a central aspect of our organisation.

Our 20/21 aims are to:
  • educate people to challenge their own biases and assumptions about disabled people.
  • raise awareness of the ableism, stigma and inequity that disabled people experience.
  • provide leadership development to school leaders so that they are disability aware, and can fully understand and deliver reasonable adjustments that make educational settings are accessible for all.
  • Challenge the deficit model of disability and promote the skills and talents of disabled people in education.

Who we are
We recognise that as a group of women our only diversity is the difference in our disabilities and we are working on increasing representation this year:

  • Ruth Golding: Chronic Illness Physical Disability, Mental Health​
  • Lyn Haynes​: Ally, ITT & Reasonable Adjustments​
  • Vivienne Porritt​: Chronic Illness​
  • Laura McConnell​: Neurodiversity​
  • Cat Salt​: Neurodiversity, Mental Health​
  • Maria Turkenburg​ Ally, ITT & Reasonable Adjustments​
  • Liz Wright: DisabilityEdUk ​ Ambassador - Physical Disability/Limb Difference

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