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#Diverse Governance

#Diverse Governance

Session 1 – 19/11/20

With guests Dolapo Ogunbawo, Steve Edmonds, Jeannie Hume and Linda Unternahrer.

Session 2 – 3/12/20

With guests Adrian McLean, Emma Gregory, Ninna Makrinov, Mark Taylor and Raj Unsworth.

Session 3 – 14/01/21

With guests Maureen Chiana, Prince Caesar and Sharon Warmington.

Session 4 – 04/02/21

With guests Irfan Latif, Lavinya Stennett, Magdalene Adenaike and Siraj Mayet.

Session 5 – 25/02/21

With guests Jordan Holder, Josie Veghese, Alex Kumar, Cheryl Connelly and Karris Graham-Moore.

Session 6 – 27/02/21

With guests Sandeep Kaur, Sarah Amissah, Connor Acton and Karen Giles.