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Diverse History UK provide educational consultancy and resource production services to address diversification of school curricula. We strive to ensure that history departments are truly diverse and amplify marginalised histories. The belief that the education sector can do so much to challenge prejudices and misconceptions through teaching marginalised histories, inspired us to set up Diverse History UK. We are driven by the knowledge that a diverse education for all children can help to challenge damaging prejudices and stereotypes, benefiting our pupils and our whole society both academically and pastorally.

We feel strongly that as educators we have a responsibility to ensure Britain’s diverse society is reflected in our curricula. We are passionate about the implementation of curricula that amplify marginalised histories in order to promote a happier and more harmonious society. As well as focusing on diverse content, we are also passionate about teaching students to engage with historiography in order to hone their academic skills from KS2 onwards.

We know from experience that it is possible to include a truly diverse curriculum which explores lesser-told narratives from around the globe, all within the constraints of the National Curriculum. Diverse History UK wants to help schools to move away from single story narratives and towards teaching more inclusive and honest global histories.

We are a female and LGBTQ+ owned business. All of our team are DBS checked.

We specialise in the research of marginalised histories,. In particular on LGBTQ+ history, 19th Century asylums and African colonialism.

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