#DiverseEd Books

#DiverseEd Books

World Book Day – 04/03/21

The Diverse Educators’ World Book Day event to celebrate and amplify diverse educators who have authored, edited and published a book. Guest speakers: Andy Moffat, Angie Browne, Bennie Kara, Diana Osagie, Daniel Tomlinson-Gray, Emma Turner, Fen Coles, Jim Roberson, Karl Pupe and Viv Grant.

Bennie Kara's Book Launch – 14/11/20

The launch of Bennie’s book – A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools – with guests Christine Counsell, Mary Myatt, Sonia Thompson and Tom Sherrington.

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Bennie's 365 Books on Diversity

Every day this year, Bennie will be tweeting out her recommendations of Books to Change the World.  They will be collated in Padlets for future reference.  The collections for January and February are now available.

Books on Race, Culture and Identity
Books on LGBT+ History and Culture

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