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We are an education consultancy who aim to be at the forefront of research developments in the field of ‘race’ and gender to ensure that young people are taught to be global citizens, understanding the importance of their roles in shaping an equal, and eventually equitable society. Educating for Equality was established with the objective of supporting schools in their journey towards true equality (and equity). School leaders and head teachers in particular, are in the position to change mindsets and build cultures of inclusion and justice. We believe that it is not enough to acknowledge the problem of race and gender inequality, as educators we have a social responsibility to actively embark on a journey of social justice for all.

In order to support schools on this journey, we offer an online School Development Programme as well as bespoke CPD for schools. We can also provide speakers for one-off events or twilight INSETs. Schools have the opportunity to work towards gaining our quality marks for Equality Education: the Allegiance Award, the Champion Award and the Beacon Award. These are research-informed awards and provide an excellent way to celebrate and externally validate your school’s commitment to equality. With Educating for Equality, you will be part of our mission: #changingtheworldoneschoolatatime

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