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Educational Equity Services provides consultancy services built on three pillars: research, capacity-development and institutional support. We focus on Anti-racism and other social justice issues to do with inclusion, diversity and equity. Our approach combines research evidence and practice experience.


Must Reads (Books):

Race, Education and Educational Leadership in England: An Integrated Analysis, London, Bloomsbury (April 2019). [Co-editor, with Dr. Christine Callender]

The Nature of School Leadership: Global Practice Perspectives, London: Palgrave Macmillan (February 2018).

Must Reads (journal articles):

Miller, P. (2020). Anti-racist school leadership: making ‘race’ count in leadership preparation and development, Professional Development in Education.

Miller, P. (2020). BAME Teacher Progression in England: Towards a Conceptual Model, International Studies in Educational Administration, 47 (3), 18-35.

Miller, P. (2019). ‘Tackling’ race inequality in school leadership: Positive actions in BAME teacher progression – evidence from three English schools, Educational Management Administration & Leadership. 

Miller, P. Hill-Berry, N., Hylton-Fraser., Powell, S. (2019). Social Justice Work as Activism: The Work of Education Professionals in England and Jamaica, International Studies in Educational Administration, 47(1), 3-18.

Miller, P. (2016) ‘White sanction’, institutional, group and individual interaction in the promotion and progression of black and minority ethnic academics and teachers in England, Power & Education, 8(3), 205-221.

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