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Dr Enya Doyle’s unwavering commitment to driving social change has been recognised across the British Isles for almost fifteen years. It started with using music to campaign for peace and further reconciliation in Northern Ireland. Enya was the first Northern Irish Recipient of the Diana Award (Courageous Citizen) Prize and was awarded the National Young Peacemakers Prize and Beacon of Hope Scholarship for innovative work with young people. She has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for nearly ten years.

Enya is proud to passionately prioritise undervalued and marginalised voices and specialises in challenging gender-based discrimination, sexism, and sexual misconduct. Intersectionality sits at the heart of her work. In 2020, Enya completed her PhD which explores and interrogates four key barriers to gender equity in contemporary music-making. She has presented her research across the world including in the UK, North America and in Australia and was awarded a variety of research prizes and an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy.

Raised in Ireland and now based in London, Enya has been delivering training workshops broadly on inclusion, anti-harassment, and allyship, as well as specifically on gender, sex and sexuality, across the world for seven years. In addition to consulting, Enya was Director of Inclusion and a Designated Safeguarding Lead in a large school for a few years. In that role, she had the enormous privilege of leading the school’s response to better understanding the experiences of children and young people who had experienced sexual violence during their time at school as made public through Everyone’s Invited. This involved devoting hundreds of worthwhile hours engaging with their testimonies, online and in person, and creating and embedding change for current and future generations. Enya also built phenomenal relationships with parents and carers of the pupils at the school, creating inclusion networks and began to embed a sense of belonging for marginalised families who existed in the minority. She is particularly proud of the work she did to amplify the perspectives of parents and carers of children with African and Caribbean heritage.

Creating an inclusive company and a culture of belonging is an ongoing process that requires continuous learning, self-reflection, and improvement. You deserve to work with someone who brings that same commitment to the relationship. Working together with me can offer many benefits and advantages for individuals and organisation as a whole. Explore Enya’s website to learn more about how you can work together.

Overall, working with Enya can accelerate your work which centres marginalised perspectives. She will provide expertise and help you navigate challenges effectively. She will bring specialised knowledge, facilitate growth and learning, and assist in developing strategies that foster an inclusive and equitable environment.

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