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Everyday Racism (EDR) is an organisation that seeks to educate and provide resources on being actively anti-racist, we are committed to building a more equitable and inclusive society by tackling racism and discrimination in all its forms. As the largest anti-racism platform in the UK, EDR runs a series of workshops, a book club focusing on work by Black and Brown authors, training courses including ‘ The Anti-Racist School’ and provides resources including templates for MP and discrimination complaint letters. EDR’s ultimate goal is to create a world where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, and where diversity is celebrated as a source of strength and enrichment and through their work, EDR strives to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

Naomi and Natalie Evans are a dynamic duo who are making a powerful impact on the fight against racism in the UK. Naomi has over 18 years of experience teaching English and Drama in UK state schools and her experience includes Senior leadership, Head of Department and Advanced skills teacher roles. She currently teaches in a large secondary school in Kent, as-well as working for Everyday Racism (EDR) 2 days a week.

Natalie has had over 10 years of event management experience including, hosting, and presenting Infront of large audience as well as being a youth worker for nearly 12 years. She now works for EDR full time.

In May 2020, a video of Natalie confronting two men racially abusing a ticket conductor went viral sparking a movement that would become @everydayracism_. EDR is an anti-racism platform on Instagram with over 200k followers. Naomi and Natalie are an award winning platform, winning ‘Influencer of the year’ for the ethnicity awards in 2022, as well as being the largest anti-racism platform in the UK. Naomi and Natalie are also the authors of the non-fiction book “The Mixed-Race Experience,” published by Penguin, and “Everyday Action, Everyday Change,” a children’s book published by Hachette.

Their work has been featured in various publications such as Red magazine, Grazia, and the I newspaper for their impactful anti-racism work. They have also contributed essays to two YA books entitled “Teenage Armageddon” and “Allies,” which was selected as the World Book Day title for 2023. Through their writing, public speaking, and anti-racism work, Naomi and Natalie are inspiring a generation to stand up against racism and make a difference in their communities.

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