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Harroop Sandhu

Harroop Sandhu

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Coaching Bio

Passionate about guiding individuals and teams toward alignment with their purpose, Harroop brings a wealth of personal growth and transformation to her practice. Harroop understands intimately the personal challenges of feeling enough, being overlooked, and balancing personal and professional roles. Coaching has been instrumental in helping her strengthen her sense of self and step into her power, enabling her to stop seeking approval and permission from others.

Inspired by her experiences within coaching groups, she embarked on a journey to empower others. Certified as an EMCC coach and in Coaching for Social Justice, Harroop aims to foster co-liberatory approaches and support social justice initiatives.As a mother of three, she empathises with the challenges of working parents and advocates for flexible working arrangements, aiming for individuals to find peace and fulfilment within themselves.

Coaching Experience

Within educational settings, Harroop plays various roles, all geared towards serving as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. Through her coaching, she supports colleagues and leaders by:
  • Nurturing the courage to pursue desired goals
  • Providing guidance on navigating challenges related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)
  • Empowering individuals to reframe their thinking and perspectives
  • Facilitating difficult conversations
  • Assisting in securing promotions or flexible working arrangements
  • Creating reflective spaces for holistic development and strategic DEI initiatives
In every coaching session, Harroop uses strategies to ensure that conversations are personal, unconditional, relevant, and empowering. This approach guarantees that:
  • The topic is your choice, valuing you as a whole person.
  • You can express yourself without fear of judgement; the space is always held for your own thinking.
  • While overarching goals may exist, you can bring whatever is most relevant to you in that moment.
  • Sessions draw out your strengths, skills, and ideas while also identifying and tackling potential barriers, empowering you to progress effectively.

Career Experience

With 17 years of experience as a senior school leader and professional coach, Harroop has spearheaded transformative strategies in education, particularly in the realm of DEI. Her leadership has facilitated cultural change within institutions, integrating DEI initiatives seamlessly into organisational strategies. By fostering trust, gathering insights, and mediating dialogue on complex topics, she champions inclusivity and support within the workplace. Beyond her professional role, Harroop excels in aligning dysfunctional teams and addressing human and organisational behaviour, aiming for individuals to surpass their limits. Through her intentional coaching approach, she ensures reflective introspection precedes strategic DEI efforts, paving the way for meaningful change.

Coaching Qualifications


Coaching for Social Justice: Decoloniality as a Systemic Lens

Harroop works with real integrity, and her authentic approach to coaching really made me feel as though she valued me as a human first and foremost. The activities Harroop provided were impactful and effective, and made sure I was held to account for my progress in a way which was non-threatening and supportive.

One of the key takeaways for me from coaching sessions with Harroop has been self-advocacy and the ability (and willingness) to advocate for myself and navigate difficult conversations in service of my goals. I realise, through our work together, that much of this stemmed from how I perceive myself as a woman, mother, and educator.

Harroop helped me to come out of my comfort zone, to see and demand my value, and to progress my career to a level that I had not previously considered because of my limiting beliefs of myself and my capabilities. This subsequently encouraged me (even demanded from me when needed, in a skilful way) to set aside time to prioritise myself and my individual and family goals (something that I have always struggled with). In this regard, I learnt to appreciate Harroop’s ability to maintain a delicate balance between nurture and challenge. I have truly felt that I had an ally with Harroop working alongside me, and my coaching experience has even impacted my relationships with those whom I now line-manage as a result of the approach and value I received from Harroop: it enabled me to think about what others may need from me.

Katie Shchedrova, Vice Principal

Harroop’s coaching has been a transformative force in my life, both professionally and personally. Since working with Harroop, those around me have observed a noticeable shift in my demeanour. Colleagues and friends have commented on a newfound confidence that they perceive in my actions and interactions. This transformation is a testament to the positive impact of Harroop’s coaching.

Harroop’s exceptional listening skills created a space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, allowing me to detach from the emotional aspects and approach situations with greater clarity. This, in turn, contributed significantly to the boost in confidence that others have recognised. A key aspect of Harroop’s coaching that made a difference was the emphasis on reflection. I found myself becoming more reflective in my day-to-day work and interactions with others. This reflective practice not only enhanced my self-awareness but also allowed me to make more measured decisions, contributing to an overall improvement in my professional approach. One of the challenges in the realm of equity, diversity, and inclusion (DEI) work is the emotional weight it can carry. Harroop’s coaching helped me navigate this aspect, teaching me how to handle the emotional toll and not let it become overwhelming. The ability to detach and approach DEI work with a more measured mindset has been instrumental in my ability to contribute effectively to these initiatives.

The coaching sessions also provided a unique opportunity to rehearse conversations with various scenarios, allowing me to build confidence in addressing challenging situations. This practice not only honed my communication skills but also empowered me to navigate difficult conversations with professionalism and assurance. In essence, Harroop’s coaching has not only transformed my professional approach but has also left a lasting impact on how I navigate various aspects of my life. The positive changes noted by those around me serve as a testament to the effectiveness of her coaching in building confidence, enhancing clarity of thought, and fostering a more reflective and measured approach in both professional and personal realms.

Shara Islam, Director of Teaching and Learning for Science