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For Headteachers – Aspiring, current and former.

These are complex and challenging times for Leaders in education.  Increasingly Headteachers are feeling, and are made to feel, vulnerable due to short-termism, high stakes accountability and unethical employer behaviours.

Highly skilled, highly trained, highly experienced professionals, often with excellent track records in previous leadership posts and indeed in their current one, are leaving their posts.  Sometimes this is by choice, often it is not, placed in an impossible position by their employer, many feeling that they have no alternative but to move away from the school that they have dedicated themselves to.  Some manage to find their way back into education, many do not… lost to the system.

HeadsUp is a movement - a collective of school leaders who are determined to work together across the education system in England to:
  • Celebrate -  school leaders have an extraordinary set of skills and experiences, this should not be forgotten
  • Support - through the extensive network of HeadsUp individuals and associated organisations provide support for those individuals who have been ‘disappeared’ from the system and those that feel they are vulnerable
  • Guide - provide advice and guidance to Headteachers who are unsure about their future career options
  • Network – to support each other, share successes and vulnerabilities and to redefine the definition and perception of great school leaders who work towards a longer term vision of excellence in their schools
  • Highlight - through the HeadsUp events shine a spotlight on the issue of ‘disappeared’ Headteachers and those that are fearful of becoming ‘disappeared’ - highlighting the extent to which this happening.
  • Challenge -  to collectively challenge the systems and organisations in the education system that drive unethical behaviours towards school leaders

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