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Helen Verroux

Helen Verroux

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Coaching Bio

Helen Verroux aka Coach Helen is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, an Educational Consultant, the Founder of the Raising Purposed Teen Leaders Movement (RPTL movement & Academy), The Author of The Success Guide For Teens and The Founder of the Success Guide For Teen Academy, the CEO of the vibrant international company called “The Keys For Success” that helps parents, youth organizations and high schools to raise purposed teen leaders without compromising their moral values. She strongly believes that now is the time to equip young people to navigate effectively in this new economy with programs that not only revolutionize the educational system but that help teens to gain clarity on their purpose and understand the concept of financial freedom. She longs to help high school parents, educators and senior leaders to ignite their community, develop leaders and create meaningful connections. She has a passion for transformational leadership, personal growth, serving others and loves to discover different cultures.

Coaching Experience

She is the founder of The Raising Purposed Teen Leader Academy (R.P.T.L Academy) an online academy that helps parents of preteens and teens set up their children to success, guide them into purpose and away from turbulent teen years. She delivers a virtual workshop to parents of Y6 students transitioning to Y7 in primary schools.

She is also the founder of The Success Guide For Teens Academy (S.G.F.T.A) the #1 online academy that delivers weekly leadership training sessions with interactive videos to Student Council in high school communities. The academy also offers a virtual workshop for parents of Y7 students dedicated to gain new strategies on how they can navigate effectively the teen years and 30 mins workshops delivered by experts to encourage senior leaders to empower, ignite and develop leaders among their staff.

Career Experience

Helen has been an educator for more than 12 years and has worked globally. She has taught French as a foreign language in the Bahamas, the Uk and Qatar. During her teaching career, she has seen the need to equip student leaders. Therefore, she has launched a club called “Success & Leadership Club” (SLC) that encourages public speaking, entrepreneurship, servant leadership and peer-to-peer mentorship.

Coaching Qualifications


Transformational Coach

Coaching Tools

John Maxwell Certified Coach (Leadership training)

Helen has helped me to get out of my comfort zone. She has helped me to see a different side of me as an introvert mum and to be able to connect better with my preteen. My preteen has also grown into self-leadership and clarity of his career path.

Axelle Volgo, HR

Before working with Helen, I did not have boundaries with my preteen and no clarity on what to focus on for my finances. She helped me to break down my priorities. I am forever grateful as I can model the steps to my child. This is a life changing experience.

Stephanie Henry, Teacher