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Written by Cecilia Harvey

A quadrilingual Social Anthropologist whose passion for the richness of diversity and the psychology of the human race, Cecilia focuses her Equity, Diversity & Inclusion work on connecting people through difference. As a subject matter expert, Cecilia has driven and coordinated strategic initiatives centred around identity, gender, LGBTQ+, ethnicity and disability, working with multiple stakeholders. Accomplished in designing training programmes such as unconscious bias awareness, microaggressions and inclusive language, Cecilia’s deep understanding of culture, psychology and behaviours has allowed her to become an Accredited Facilitator in Cultural Intelligence (CQ ®).

When we work with young people in an academic setting it can sometimes be difficult to grasp some of their unique attributes as they all learn the same curriculum. During these years, these young people have likely not yet developed the self-awareness to understand how they can best harness their skills. What benefit would a better understanding of your student’s natural proclivities in terms of the way they work have in your classroom? 

The Young People Index® (YPI) is a digital online assessment tool designed for 13-18 year olds to help individuals identify their natural energy when it comes to working in groups / teams, now and in the future. This is vital in deepening a young person’s self-awareness and builds confidence in how they work with others, and in teams. 

The Young People Index® can considerably improve the performance and engagement of young people and help teachers, youth workers, and sports coaches to understand the unique contribution each young person makes, or has the potential to make (their energy for impact!). This knowledge can be used in many ways, some of which are: to develop questioning skills, adapt teaching and communication methods, and analyse group dynamics to create more impactful results, be this in the classroom or on the sports field.

The Young People Index® is a product from the The GC Index®, a similar tool that focuses on adults and their impact in the workplace (over 18s). The YPI helps young people at a much earlier age, enabling them to consider environments where they will thrive, not just survive!

What are the benefits to students?

The YPI measures a young person’s energy to make an impact in a team, project, or future organisation and does not measure academic ability. This knowledge of their energy to make an impact can benefit them in various ways:


  1. Boosting self-awareness, leading to increased confidence in their ability to make an impact on the world. The YPI encourages young people to consider career opportunities aligned with their interests and unique energy for impact.
  2. Discovering their unique contribution to a team, supporting teamwork and communication.
  3. Enhancing interview skills by helping them to articulate their unique impact and how they are best utilised in a team at an interview.
  4. Exploring their leadership potential.
  5. Identifying areas where they have less energy for impact to build awareness of the need for complementary team members—perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs!
  6. Facilitating better relationships with teachers and creating optimal learning conditions.


How does it work in practice within Schools?

When a young person completes the online questionnaire, a personalised report is generated, guiding them toward areas where they can thrive based on their unique proclivities.

In Schools, the YPI is usually used as part of an existing career guidance framework. Students complete the assessment at school and then either an in-house trained teacher, or external YPI trained consultant works with the students over the course of term, running workshops that focus on building self-awareness, team working, leadership, and an understanding of personal and organisational values, and how to choose an organisation in the future that aligns with these. 

The YPI’s insights significantly improve performance and engagement, whether in the classroom or on the sports field. It’s a powerful tool for shaping young individuals’ futures! 

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