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Inclusion Labs works with schools to empower them to be active and accountable in creating an inclusive community for every pupil.

Our mission is to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every young person’s educational, cultural and personal development as we believe the impact of which will cultivate awareness and activate investment in eliminating social inequality and injustice wherever they encounter it.

Our schools programme encompasses race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, identity – everything that creates a diverse world.  We believe inclusion initiatives should include everyone and so we have built a programme that considers the intersectional makeup of a school community.

We have developed a programme with corresponding tools to help your school find out where to focus intentions and how to ensure these become impactful action.  Our three-step process includes an anonymous online school community survey, an evaluation presentation, and a precise action plan connected to our custom framework, all with support and guidance from Inclusion Labs.

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