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Formed in 2013, Journey to Justice is an education charity (No. 1170886) bringing together educators, youth, communities, human rights and faith organisations, artists, film makers, lawyers, musicians, historians, curators and trade unionists. Our mission is to galvanise people to take action for social and economic justice through learning about human rights movements and the arts. We have a wealth of resources on a variety of topics, including anti-racist education, disability rights and the link between the environmental and economic justice. Our activities include holding exhibitions, events, workshops and training courses – telling little known stories of solidarity of people involved in the US and UK civil and human rights movements and struggles for economic justice in the UK.

We have a podcast series exploring action for economic justice and understanding wealth inequality in the UK. The podcasts are part of our Economic Injustice project, a unique resource housing stories of action, non-violent tactics and expert analysis of the roots of economic inequality. Available here.

Economic Injustice
Civil Rights exhibition

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