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Katherine Brown

Katherine Brown

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Coaching Bio

Katherine Brown is a SEND Specialist who is passionate about Global and Sustainable Education practices and experiences. Alongside her BEd Primary Hons with QTS, MA Education SEN and Inclusion and NASENCo qualification she is a L7 Executive Coach and Mentor. She is a company director of Ceasar Coaching Appraising Training Services Ltd.(CCATS) and works with schools to provide the training and coaching service they need in order to maximise their use of resources and meet the needs of pupils: Transforming challenges into success stories which benefit school communities.

Coaching Experience

Kat is an experienced coach, working with SENDCOs and school leaders to create holistic, sustainable education practices which allow for a healthy work life balance whilst ensuring the need of children are met. She also works with pupils with SEND and their families as Kat believes that in taking a multifaceted approach, the community benefits further and it allows ideas and learning to be shared making progress collaborative and as a result more sustainable.

Career Experience

With a background in Primary education and SEND co-ordination, Kat has worked in schools across the Southwest UK and abroad (India and Kuwait) gaining a broad awareness of international education practices and the needs of educators.

Coaching Qualifications


Coaching Accreditations

Currently undertaking Positive Intelligence training.

For Thinking Pitstops and MBTI I have done training and use these to augment my coaching but do not hold official qualifications.

As my coach you have been: Intuitive, Supportive, Confident. Empathetic, Easy to understand, Easy to talk to and Pro-active. You changed how I think!

Tom, Outdoor Education Lead

Being a SENDCo is hard work and there is so much to do but I now recognise the progress I am making and am able to support pupil progress in a way which works for everyone in school…I no longer feel guilty not taking work home with me.

Cathleen, SENDCo