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Krissi Carter

Krissi Carter

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Coaching Bio

Krissi is a trauma-informed Results and Executive Wellbeing Coach who is dedicated to helping leaders navigate the challenges of the post-pandemic workforce worldwide. With a firm belief that everyone has experienced stress and trauma in their own way, Krissi focusses on coaching leaders who are under increased pressure to achieve the results that they desire.

In her coaching practice, Krissi takes a collaborative approach, actively engaging with her clients to identify and address blind spots and limiting beliefs. By leveraging a range of tools and techniques, Krissi ensures that her clients are able to maximize their potential.

Coaching Experience

Krissi has 15 years of coaching experience and is a Fellow of the Association for Coaching, Master Practitioner of the EMCC and Institute Fellow Accredited for Mentoring and Coaching with the Institute of Leadership (formally ILM). Krissi coaches leaders in both the public and private sector across the world and is committed to collaborating with them in achieving their personal, professional and organisational goals. She is currently working towards the ICF PCC.

Career Experience

Krissi has over 20 years of experience working in education, with 15 years in senior leadership roles and 7 years as headteacher. Krissi has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the education sector, as well as successfully leading her school through the pandemic and beyond. During her time as headteacher, she led her school to some of the strongest results in its history, demonstrating her ability to drive academic excellence.

Krissi’s experience spans diverse settings from city schools in South London to the seaside town of Brighton and the rural surroundings of Shropshire. She also navigated the unique dynamics of leading her community school in a selective area.

Coaching Accreditations

Positive Intelligence

Coaching Tools

Trauma-Informed Coach (The Centre for Healing)

Primary Certificate in Coaching Supervision (IAFPD)

The Power of Coaching Facilitator Accreditation (NCSL)

6 Types of Working Genius

Krissi has the unique ability to be able to hone my strengths and tackle my leadership weaknesses by understanding the kind of leader I am and adjusting her coaching style accordingly. Krissi knew what I wanted to improve on but also what I was reticent to improve upon because it put me outside of my comfort zone. Through regular and reflective sessions, I was able to take myself out of this comfort zone and recognise this in myself. Coaching with Krissi has not only allowed me to gain recognition of my leadership abilities but also to recognise these same traits and values in those I now lead myself. The experience and guidance she gave me prepared me to step into a headship.


Krissi coached me to develop beyond my specified role to have a school-wide impact, focusing on the achievement and aspirations of KS4 students to improve uptake at Sixth Form and simultaneously alleviate budgetary pressures to the extent that we could improve our curriculum offer. Her guidance led not only to my successful completion of the NPQSL project but also to successfully applying for Deputy Headship and Head of School.

Head of School

Krissi is the most inspirational leader I have ever worked with.

Vice Principal