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The Limit Less campaign aims to increase the number of young people from currently underrepresented or underserved groups in the physics community to choose to do physics post-16.

The five underrepresented and underserved groups the campaign is focussed on are:
  • Girls
  • Young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
  • LGBT+ young people
  • Disabled young people
  • Young people of Black Caribbean descent

The campaign works across families, communities, schools, policy, social media and media. In schools, we are working on a whole-school approach to inclusion.

The IOP knows that too many young people are exposed to misconceptions and stereotypes about physics and are made to feel that they can’t do physics, or that they just don’t fit in. We want everyone to know:

  1. Doing physics empowers young people to change the world
  2. Physics is for people of all identities and backgrounds
  3. Physics depends on teamwork and diverse viewpoints
  4. Being a physicist isn’t the only career available to physics students
  5. Physics opens the door to many stable career options, including well-paid jobs that do not require a degree

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