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Malarvilie Krishnasamy

Malarvilie Krishnasamy

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Coaching Bio

Malarvilie is an adaptive coach, empowering individuals to turn their aspirations into tangible goals. With a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Malarvilie uses personality profiling and coaching tools to enhance self-awareness and effective communication with different personalities. Through a solutions-focused approach, Malarvilie cultivates strength and compassion, guiding clients to become empathetic, authentic leaders. In a warm and supportive environment, Malarvilie fosters personal growth and empowers individuals to take charge of their future. Together, Malarvilie and clients embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking potential and paving the way for a brighter future.

Coaching Experience

Having accumulated seven years of professional coaching experience and a prior background in school leadership, Malarvilie possesses a wealth of expertise in guiding and supporting others. She has coached for WomenEd, Diverse Leaders programs, and has continued to voluntarily coach for the Maternity Paternity Project. Whether working with individuals, schools, or MATs, she embraces a personalised approach, tailoring her guidance to meet the specific needs of her clients. With an unwavering commitment to empowerment and growth, she actively shares her knowledge by training school leaders in coaching skills, aiming to foster a widespread coaching culture and equip them with the tools to effectively coach their teams.

Career Experience

Starting as a history teacher in the year 2000, Malarvilie built a strong reputation in middle and senior leadership roles. She became passionate about coaching when she became responsible for CPD and teaching & learning across a MAT in London in 2010. Malarvilie dedicated her maternity leaves to pursuing coaching courses, culminating in gaining the Level 7 in Executive Coaching & Mentoring. Driven by her young family, she established MalCPD Education Consultancy & Coaching, specialising in leadership and coaching, to support and develop others. For the last 7 years, Malarvilie has worked with individuals, schools, and MATs, offering valuable guidance and training to enhance leadership capabilities and develop a coaching culture across schools.

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Coaching Accreditations

TypeCoach Certified Coach (MBTI)

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Mal became my coach just over six months ago and her impact on me as a person and a professional has been transformational. I have always been a reflective practitioner but at times my reflection has been unfocused, with a tendency to overthink and worry. Mal’s strengths included her ability to listen intently and to focus on and feed back to me the key issues in amongst the many things I talked about. She was willing to share herself and her experience to help me explore options and alternatives to my current ways of thinking and behaving. Most important to me was the way she validated my moral standpoint and supported me to continue to be true to my vision at times of professional pressure. Mal is caring, helpfully challenging and very, very wise. I hope to continue my shared learning journey with Mal into the future and highly recommend her as a coach.

Lena Carter, Co-Headteacher, Scotland

I found Mal compassionate, understanding and very reflective, ensuring that at the end of the session everything was summarised so I was clear on which way I was heading and what I needed to do. I was due to start a new school Sept… Mal helped me unpick some of the mistakes I made previously, and coached me on how to approach my colleagues. I’m pleased to say the change in style has made the transition in school a lot more easier than in previous schools. I would recommend Mal as a coach.

Amy Jeetley, Teaching & Learning Lead: Science

The Assertive Leadership coaching with Mal was one of the most impactful CLPL activities I have undertaken in my career. It allowed me to reflect on my own leadership on a personal level whilst coaching me to develop strategies to improve my skills and self-awareness. It gave me vital time and space to consider and discuss the impact of my leadership approaches in work and life. I have absolutely no doubt that it played a vital role in helping me to secure my first permanent Senior Leadership role – I even mentioned it during my interviews! Mal is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and very down to earth. Her experience in real school settings allows her to contextualise the theory she explores with you and there is a real sense of empathy in her delivery. I thoroughly recommend the course. I would recommend Mal as a coach.

Sam Martin, Deputy Head