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Male Childcare & Teaching Jobs (MCTJ) is a pioneering UK-wide organisation dedicated to breaking the gender norms in the education and childcare sectors. Founded in May 2021 by Claudio Sisera, a visionary in early childhood education, MCTJ addresses the underrepresentation of men in these crucial roles. Recognising the challenges men face in these fields, Sisera’s inspiration was to foster a supportive community and advocate for systemic change.

MCTJ’s core mission is to encourage more men to pursue careers in childcare and teaching, supporting them through mentorship programmes, advocacy, and targeted recruitment campaigns. By working closely with nurseries, primary and secondary schools, training providers, and recruitment agencies, MCTJ not only aids in personal career development but also advises institutions on best practices for gender inclusivity.

Unique in its focus, MCTJ stands as the sole organisation championing this cause. With initiatives like a diversity jobs board specifically aimed at men and comprehensive mentorship opportunities—including webinars, one-on-one sessions, small group discussions, and in-person events —MCTJ is making significant strides toward its vision. These efforts not only support men in the sector but also encourage educational and childcare institutions to embrace gender diversity, enriching learning environments for all.

Through its dedication to fostering inclusivity and breaking down stereotypes, MCTJ is not just reshaping the landscape of education and childcare but also paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future in these essential sectors, and therefore in our future society.

We have been shortlisted as finalists by the Men and Boys Coalition for ‘Project of the Year 2022’.

We have been shortlisted as finalists by Job Boards Connect for their DJAx Awards 2024 for 2 categories:

  1. Best Social/Positive Impact Initiative (winner to be announced on 16th May 2024)
  2. Outstanding Impact in a Niche Market – Start-up Job Board (winner to be announced on 16th May 2024)

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