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Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage

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Coaching Bio

Matthew is an experienced and highly skilled coach, who adopts an integrative, adaptive, client-centred approach to facilitating personal and professional growth. He has worked with middle and senior leaders in the UK and worldwide, and is especially keen to work with clients inhabiting intersecting, minoritised or marginalised charactertistics. A school leader of 25 years, Matthew is also a physically disabled wheelchair-user, father to two neurodivergent, trans children and proud husband to a wife of mixed heritage. Together with his prolific leadership career, this intersectional soup feeds his work.

Coaching Experience

I have worked with middle and senior leaders internationally and in the UK, each of them struggling with a particular facet of their personal and/or leadership journey. With almost 100 hours of coaching practice, I feel confident working with a variety of coaching clients. My existential commitment to finding and listening to the margins, and helping those on the fringes create more an equitable and just future infuses my work. I listen without judgment, ask lots of questions, mirror my clients’ language, and hold them accountable to their own goals. Feedback on my coaching is universally positive, largely because I meet each client where they are, and walk beside them as they explore alternative futures.

Career Experience

I was an educator, middle and senior leader, headteacher and Principal in the UK and international education sectors for 25 years, most recently as Principal of an award-winning school in the Middle East. During my teaching career, I held most positions, either side of the arbitrary academic/pastoral divide. I moved abroad after 13 years mostly in inner city London schools, and led IB continuum, British curriculum and hybrid day and boarding schools wordwide. I am now a consultant, working with educators and leaders worldwide, helping them ensure that every student, without exception or condition, be seen, be heard, be known or belong. In short, my work explores the intersection between wellbeing and DEIJB, through the prism of kind and ‘warm’, ‘street’ and slow data.

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Coaching Accreditations

Accredited member of EMCC

My experience really helped changed my mindset. It was difficult at times, but I found that the questions that were asked really challenged me and forced me to analyse some of my thoughts and ideas. I was in quite a negative headspace when the sessions began, but the way in which I was questioned and supported really helped me to reflect critically on my situation and put practises in place to help me think and act more positively. Great experience all round.

Leo Daniels, Class Teacher, British School Muscat

Matthew is a genuinely nice person, and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed from the beginning. His ability to remind people what they have previously said is beneficial in positively challenging or questioning a thought process, but also helps with the feeling that you are actively listening and interested in what people are saying. His approach supports critical self reflection, allowing you to be more grounded in reality, to be kinder to yourself, and to focus on setting goals and activities that you can work towards to both deal with areas causing issues, as well as achieving future aspirations.

Jack Rillie, CEO, WithYOu, Edinburgh

The coaching sessions with Matthew really helped me to reflect both professionally and personally on my career and the path ahead of me. His kind and friendly nature made him incredibly easy to talk to, which led to very productive sessions that were adapted to suit my needs. Picking up on the words someone says really opened my eyes to the phrase I use and the impression that these words give, particularly when lacking confidence in my own opinions or position. I also found the task or question at the end of each session really useful in focusing my thoughts for the next session. Through his questioning and focus on small details, I have been able to learn about myself as a person and as a leader within education.

Jenny Holton, Head teacher, Huntington Primary Academy

I have found Matthew to be very supportive and approachable as a coach: throughout all of my sessions with him, Matthew has always maintained an interest in my professional and personal development, and his reflections and insights have been instrumental in helping me to reflect on aspects of my school-based practice as a senior leader in illuminating and constructive ways.

Tak Si Li, Assistant Master, Westminster Under School

Although I was extremely positive to have a coach, I had underestimated the literally transformative effect that sessions with Matthew would have on my leadership and management skills. Through discussion, careful questioning and gentle prodding, Matthew helped me to challenge my assumptions, my reasons for doing things and targeted areas over a period of time that I felt were the weaker aspects in my leadership skill set. I feel so much more confident and calm as a leader, no longer trying to put all of the world’s troubles on my back. I truly could not recommend Matthew highly enough.

Michael Woodside, Deputy Master, Westminster Under School