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Nadine Bernard

Nadine Bernard

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Coaching Bio

Not only is Nadine leading a thriving school community in London, she is also the CEO of a Social Enterprise and a professional executive coach, helping clients to find reward in their work and improve their performance. Along her career path, Nadine has come to learn that personal development has no expiry date and believes in developing the whole person from mindset to physical wellbeing, during her 1:1 coaching, both of which impact personal growth, living and leading well.

Coaching Experience

With over 5 years as a qualified coach and over 10 years in senior leadership, Nadine possesses a strong foundation in coaching principles and the ability to guide individuals effectively. Her experience extends to working with both men and women from various backgrounds and professional sectors, demonstrating her adaptability and ability to cater to different needs and perspectives. Nadine is particularly known for fostering strong relationships and providing valuable support that leads to sustained success.

Career Experience

Nadine Bernard, founder and CEO of Aspiring Heads, gained her first headship at 31, becoming one of the UK’s youngest black Headteachers. Her passion for challenging stereotypes led her to establish the award-winning social enterprise, addressing racial disparities in education. A skilled executive coach and advocate for inclusion, Nadine motivates and inspires others. As Headteacher at a school in South West London, she continues to redefine norms, working towards social justice. Recognised globally, Nadine features on the Women To Watch 2022 List and received the Excellent Yummy Mummy Award in 2023 for Excellence in Education.

Coaching Qualifications