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NASBTT Diversity in ITTE Podcast – Series 2

NASBTT Diversity in ITTE Podcast – Series 2

Series 2 of the NASBTT Diversity in ITTE Podcast has 6 episodes. In each episode our co-hosts, Hannah Wilson and James Coleman, have interviewed 2 colleagues on one of the protected characteristics.

Series 2 Episodes

Episode 1 – Exploring Neurodiversity


Episode 2 – Exploring Parenthood and Flexible Working


Episode 3 – Exploring Mental Health and Wellbeing


Episode 4 – Exploring Gender Identity and Expression

Released 26/06

Episode 5 – Exploring Age

Released 03/07

Episode 6 – Religion and Belief

Released 10/07

Series 2 Co-Hosts

Hannah Wilson portrait

Hannah Wilson

James Coleman portrait

James Coleman

Series 2 Guests

Amy Sayer portrait

Amy Sayer

Audrey Pantelis portrait

Audrey Pantelis

Catrina Lowri portrait

Catrina Lowri

Emma Sheppard portrait

Emma Sheppard

Frances Akinde portrait

Frances Akinde

George White portrait

George White

Graihagh Crawshaw-Sadler portrait

Graihagh Crawshaw-Sadler

Kit-Marie Rackley portrait

Kit-Marie Rackley

Lindsay Patience portrait

Lindsay Patience

Lucy Kellaway portrait

Lucy Kellaway

Nadirah Khan portrait

Nadirah Khan

Zahara Chowdhury portrait

Zahara Chowdhury