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The National Governance Association (NGA) is the membership organisation for governors, trustees and clerks of state schools in England. We are an independent, not-for-profit charity that aims to improve the educational standards and wellbeing of young people by increasing the effectiveness of governing boards and promoting high standards. We are expert leaders in school and trust governance, providing information, advice and guidance, professional development and e-learning.

Through our Everyone on Board campaign, launched in 2018, we encourage volunteers from underrepresented groups (particularly Black, Asian and minority ethnicities and young people) as well as education professionals to join governing boards. We champion the benefits of having a diverse board and help governing boards to understand why it is important and how to recruit for diversity.

Our wider work looks at every aspect of the role of the board in encouraging diversity and ensuring equality ins schools and trusts – in determining ethos and culture; the role of recruiting senior leaders; as employers of all staff; and the direct impact on pupils: the oversight of the curriculum, monitoring of behaviour and exclusions, and outcomes.

Adding new governors/trustees to the governing board who are reflective of (but not representatives of) the community the school serves can help it make better decisions in the interest of all pupils.

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