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Navdeep Sanghara

Navdeep Sanghara

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Coaching Bio

Thank you for expressing an interest in taking your leadership skills to the next level and make a lasting impact on the education system. For over two decades my own leadership journey has taken me from teaching assistant to CEO and over this time I have had the privilege of coaching and mentoring many leaders. Working together we can design an offer to empower you to lead with integrity and values. Imagine having the tools and knowledge to create a positive, inclusive school culture that inspires and motivates your team. Imagine being able to navigate the complexities of the modern education system with ease and confidence. With coaching support, all of this is possible.

Coaching Experience

I have coached many leaders throughout my career including supporting many senior leaders to secure their Headships. This coaching has been within the organisations I have served and for wider national networks such as Challenge Partners, Greater London Authority, Ambition School Leadership and more recently my own coaching organisation Holistic Leadership. My coaching philosophy centres on people-focussed coaching supporting the individual to reflect on past narratives and stories and releasing beliefs that aren’t useful. The focus of coaching has included:

  • Shaping future goals and dreams for your career, leadership, relationships and life.
  • Supporting your application process for leadership positions.
  • Developing an authentic leadership style which leans into emotional vulnerability and resilience.
  • Developing tools to lead a lifestyle to compliment leadership.
  • Communicating effectively and growing networks.
  • Holding others to account with compassion.
  • Empowering and motivating others.

Career Experience

I began my journey in education as a teaching assistant and over the next seven years working in various leadership roles until securing my first Headship in 2012. Since then I have taken on Executive Leadership roles in and across Trusts and become a Trust CEO in January 2021. Throughout it all I have endeavoured to model values-based leadership, raise communities and empower others in leadership and life.

Coaching Qualifications