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The One Bristol Curriculum (OBC) is an organisation dedicated to the diversification of lessons, resources and materials used in schools. The project was set up in response to the 2017 Runnymede Report, which highlighted ethnic inequalities in education within Bristol, and cited that the National Curriculum falls short in meeting the needs and experiences of Black And Minority Ethnic young people.

We work with teachers, historians, arts practitioners and community leaders to develop new teaching materials for Key Stages 1-4. We aim to increase engagement and promote tolerance and understanding among pupils. Local stories, knowledge, and talent are used to create a curriculum that helps children explore how the different African, Caribbean and Asian communities have contributed to knowledge creation, innovation, and experience in Bristol, the U.K. and beyond.

Our teaching materials will be available for free on our website and will be routinely updated and added to. We will also be creating a consultancy programme whereby OBC consultants help schools to embed our resources and make sustainable changes. This will be supported by our unique benchmarking system through which schools can assess themselves and their progress, ensuring that they are adapting their schools to be more inclusive and supportive of all students and staff.

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