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Our Activating Inclusive Allyship Training

Our Activating Inclusive Allyship Training

Our Training Offer

We support all stakeholders in schools and trusts, in developing their consciousness, confidence and competence in standing up, speaking out and showing solidarity for people who hold different identities to their own.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

We will create a safe space for you to explore your identity, power and privilege. We will create a brave space for you to consider how you can leverage your privilege and expand your sphere of influence.

Our training sessions include:
  • Reflecting on the journey of an ally
  • Unpacking and navigating our privilege
  • Exploring our willingness to be vulnerable
  • Sharing how we can learn from making mistakes
  • Considering how we create and hold safe spaces
  • Navigating our strong emotions
  • Challenging language, behaviours and practices that are not inclusive

The most engaging after school training session I have had in a long time. Impressively thoughtful, relevant to our environment in the Middle East, respectful of all staff on the training.

Teacher, Doha College

The CPD was simply perfect for what we needed. It provided a safe yet supportive space to discuss our experience, knowledge and to learn. I couldn’t recommend Diverse Educators more.

Teacher, International School

As a lead mentor for Prestolee SCITT and the lead practitioner for diversity and inclusion within the SCITT, my time spent in training with Hannah and the team has been invaluable. The team have delivered training to our trainees and also to my colleagues, through a series of DiverseEd training and also at the Prestolee Multi Academy Trust’s annual conference. The knowledge and passion of each event attended has been evident, along with outstanding knowledge of underrepresented groups. The team confidently share resources that are available, so further reading and training can take place outside of training sessions. The message is clear from all trainers, that diversity, equity and inclusion needs to be high on the agenda to minimise the stigmas, stereotypes and abuse within our society. The training allows for reflection. “You can never apologise for what you didn’t know.” This is a quote I will remember. It is okay to ask difficult questions and be curious. Speaking about the issues are better than silence. This is something I will take away from all sessions. Thank you to all in the DiverseEd family.

Ashley Jones, Prestolee SCITT