Our Bloggers

Our Bloggers

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A – E

Abi Angus portrait

Abi Angus

Adam Walker portrait

Adam Walker

Adeola Ogundele portrait

Adeola Ogundele

Adrian McLean portrait

Adrian McLean

Pen line drawing

Aini Butt

Alix Robertson portrait

Alix Robertson

Amanda Gummer portrait

Amanda Gummer

Amardeep Panesar portrait

Amardeep Panesar

Andi Silvain portrait

Andrea Silvain

Angie Browne portrait

Angie Browne

Anjum Peerbacos portrait

Anjum Peerbacos

Dr Anna Carlile portrait

Dr Anna Carlile

Anna Szpakowska portrait

Anna Szpakowska

Ann Beatty portrait

Ann Beatty

Annemarie Williams portrait

Annemarie Williams

Anu Roy portrait

Anuradha Roy

Artemi Sakellariadis portrait

Artemi Sakellariadis

Audrey Pantelis portrait

Audrey Pantelis

Ayo Awotona portrait

Ayo Awotona

Azuraye Williams portrait

Azuraye Williams

Baar Hersi portrait

Baar Hersi

Ben Hobbis portrait

Ben Hobbis

Ben Mearhart portrait

Ben Mearhart

Bennie Kara portrait

Bennie Kara

Bhamika Bhudia portrait

Bhamika Bhudia

Bianca Chappell portrait

Bianca Chappell

Bruce White portrait

Bruce White

Carly Hind portrait

Carly Hind

Caroline Biddle portrait

Caroline Biddle

Caroline Lowing portrait

Caroline Lowing

Caroline Davis portrait

Caroline Lucy Davis

Caroline Verdant portrait

Caroline Verdant

Cas Germain portrait

Cas Germain

Cassie Cramer portrait

Cassie Cramer

Char Aramis portrait

Char Aramis

Charlotte Rodney portrait

Charlotte Rodney

Chiaka Amadi

Chikara Shimasaki portrait

Chikara Shimasaki

Chinwe Njoku portrait

Chinwe Njoku

Chloe Roberts portrait

Chloe Roberts

Chris Richards portrait

Chris Richards

Dr Christine Challen portrait

Dr Christine Challen

Future for Fairgrounds logo

Colleen Roper

Corinna Richards portrait

Corinna Richards

Dan Colquhoun portrait

Dan Colquhoun

Darren Crosdale portrait

Darren Crosdale

Daryl Sinclair portrait

Daryl Sinclair

Davinder Dosanjh portrait

Davinder Dosanjh

David Lowbridge-Ellis portrait

David Lowbridge-Ellis

Dr Deborah Outhwaite portrait

Dr Deborah Outhwaite

Dena Eden portrait

Dena Eden

Deutsche Bank logo

Deutsche Bank

Diana Ohene-Darko portrait

Diana Ohene-Darko

Dianne Greyson portrait

Dianne Greyson

Diverse Educators Logo


Dominic Arnall portrait

Dominic Arnall

Dominic Judge portrait

Dominic Judge

Donna Burkert portrait

Donna Burkert

Dwain Brandy portrait

Dwain Brandy

Edel Cronin portrait

Edel Cronin

EJ Francis Caris-Hamer portrait

EJ Francis Caris-Hamer

Ellie Garraway portrait

Ellie Garraway

Ellie Lister portrait

Ellie Lister

Emma Ludlam portrait

Emma Ludlam

Esther Mustamu-Daniels portrait

Esther Mustamu-Daniels

Evelyn Forde portrait

Evelyn Forde

F – J

Fabia Turner portrait

Fabia Turner

Fatma Khalid portrait

Fatma Khalid

Frederick Naftel portrait

Frederick Naftel

Gaurav Dubay portrait

Gaurav Dubay

Gemma Hargraves portrait

Gemma Hargraves

George Hayward portrait

George Hayward

George Hughes portrait

George Hughes

Glyn Hawke portrait

Glyn Hawke

Gurjeevan Malhi portrait

Gurjeevan Malhi

Hana Malik portrait

Hana Malik

Hannah Cotton portrait

Hannah Cotton

Hannah Glossop portrait

Hannah Glossop

Hannah Wilson portrait

Hannah Wilson

Dr Harriet Marshall portrait

Dr Harriet Marshall

Helen Weston portrait

Helen Weston

Hollie Panther portrait

Hollie Panther

Iona Jackson portrait

Iona Jackson

Jac Bastian portrait

Jac Bastian

Jackie Hill portrait

Jackie Hill

James Fornara portrait

James Fornara

Jami Edwards-Clarke portrait

Jami Edwards-Clarke

Jared Cawley portrait

Jared Cawley

Jaya Hiranandani portrait

Jaya Hiranandani

Jenetta Hurst portrait

Jenetta Hurst

Jennifer Johnson portrait

Jennifer Johnson

Jenin Al Shalabi portrait

Jenin Al Shalabi

Jess Gosling portrait

Jess Gosling

Jill Berry portrait

Dr Jill Berry

Jitse van Ameijda portrait

Jitse van Ameijda

Johan Jensen portrait

Johan Jensen

Julia Reed portrait

Julia Reed

K – O

Karen Dempster portrait

Karen Dempster

Karl Pupe portrait

Karl Pupe

Kate Hollinshead portrait

Kate Hollinshead

Kate Smith portrait

Kate Smith

Katherine Fowler portrait

Katherine Fowler

Kathryn Kashyap portrait

Kathryn Kashyap

Katie Friedman portrait

Katie Friedman

Katja Pavlovna portrait

Katja Pavlovna

Kelly Richens portrait

Kelly Richens

Kevin Carson portrait

Kevin Carson

Kit and Onni Flag

Kit Heyam

Kit Rackley portrait

Kit Rackley

Laila El-Metoui portrait

Laïla El-Métoui

Laura Ciftci portrait

Laura Ciftci

Laura McConnell portrait

Laura McConnell

Lena Carter portrait

Lena Carter

Leslee Udwin portrait

Leslee Udwin

Lesley Berrington portrait

Lesley Berrington

Lindsay Patience portrait

Lindsay Patience

Liz Cartledge portrait

Liz Cartledge

Liz Robson-Kelly portrait

Liz Robson-Kelly

Liz Wright

Liz Wright

Lois Nethersell-Webb portrait

Lois Nethersell-Webb

Louise Holyoak portrait

Louise Holyoak

Lydia Bower portrait

Lydia Bower

Mair Bull portrait

Mair Bull

Mandy Coalter portrait

Mandy Coalter

Manisha Tailor portrait

Manisha Tailor

Matthew Savage portrait

Matthew Savage

Mayleen Atima portrait

Mayleen Atima

Meena Wood portrait

Meena Wood

Meirion Lewis portrait

Meirion Lewis

Mo Jafar portrait

Mo Jafar

Molly Burbridge portrait

Molly Burbridge

Nadia Hewstone portrait

Nadia Hewstone

Naida Allen portrait

Naida Allen

Nasreen D'Agostino portrait

Nasreen D'Agostino

Natasha Eeles portrait

Natasha Eeles

Neil Bradbrook portrait

Neil Bradbrook

Nicky Bright portrait

Nicky Bright

Nicole Edwards portrait

Nicole Edwards

Ninna Makrinov portrait

Ninna Makrinov

Nuzhat Uthmani portrait

Nuzhat Uthmani

Olivia Edmonds portrait

Olivia Edmonds

Orla McKeating portrait

Orla McKeating

Kit and Onni Flag

Onni Gust

P – T

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Paul Holcroft portrait

Paul Holcroft

Paula Tankard portrait

Paula Tankard

Paulina Tervo portrait

Paulina Tervo

Penny Rabiger portrait

Penny Rabiger

Peter Fullagar portrait

Peter Fullagar

Pippa Stacey portrait

Pippa Stacey

Rachel Clarke portrait

Rachel Clarke

Rachel Lofthouse portrait

Professor Rachel Lofthouse

Rahul Karavadra portrait

Rahul Karavadra

Raisa Shaikh portrait

Raisa Shaikh

Rebecca Ferdinand portrait

Rebecca Ferdinand

Rob Ford portrait

Rob Ford

Roma Dhameja portrait

Roma Dhameja

Rose Bewick portrait

Rose Bewick

Rosemary Hoyle portrait

Rosemary Hoyle

Rosie Peters portrait

Rosie Peters

Ruhaina Alford portrait

Ruhaina Alford

Russell Ridgeway portrait

Russell Ridgeway

Ruth Argyle portrait

Ruth Argyle

Sadie Hollins portrait

Sadie Hollins

Sajid Gulzar portrait

Sajid Gulzar

Sara Porter portrait

Sara Porter

Dr Sarah Chicken portrait

Dr Sarah Chicken

Sarah Johnson-Scott portrait

Sarah Johnson-Scott

Sarah Mullin portrait

Sarah Mullin

Sarah Seleznyov portrait

Sarah Seleznyov

Sarah Soyei portrait

Sarah Soyei

Serdar Ferit portrait

Serdar Ferit

Sharon MacArthur portrait

Sharon MacArthur

Shonagh Reid portrait

Shonagh Reid

Shuaib Khan portrait

Shuaib Khan

Sophie Frankpitt portrait

Sophie Frankpitt

Sophie McPhee portrait

Sophie McPhee

Sophie Tales portrait

Sophie Tales

STEP logo

Step Study

Steve Brace portrait

Steve Brace

Steve Morley portrait

Steve Morley

Dr Susan Davis portrait

Dr Susan Davis

Susie Fernandez-Gomez portrait

Susie Fernandez-Gomez

Suzanne Samaka portrait

Suzanne Samaka

Suzanne Wood portrait

Suzanne Wood

Taiwo Bali portrait

Taiwo Bali

Tasha Fletcher portrait

Tasha Fletcher

Temi Akindele portrait

Temi Akindele Barker

Teona Studemire portrait

Teona Studemire

Terra Glowach portrait

Terra Glowach

Tracey Leese portrait

Tracey Leese

Tre Ventour portrait

Tré Ventour

U – Z

Vickie Merrick portrait

Vickie Merrick

Viv Grant portrait

Viv Grant

Wangu Chafuwa portrait

Wangu Chafuwa

Wayne Reid portrait

Wayne Reid

Yamina Bibi portrait

Yamina Bibi

Zahara Chowdhury portrait

Zahara Chowdhury

Zoe Reynolds portrait

Zoe Reynolds

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