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Our Building Menopause Awareness Training

Our Building Menopause Awareness Training

Our Training Offer

We support educators, leaders, support staff and HR professionals in developing their consciousness, confidence and competence in how to support women experiencing the menopause.

We will create a safe and open space for you and your colleagues to reflect on, to discuss and to unpack how we can remove the barriers for those who are impacted.

Everyone knows someone going through the menopause, so it is relevant for us all.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

Our training session includes:

  • Increasing awareness about perimenopause and menopause.
  • Ensuring that we support ourselves and those around us to make the most of this natural phase in our lives.
  • Supporting those women who feel marginalised, under-confident and invisible as a result of their symptoms.
  • Seeking to increase understanding so we can challenge stereotypes, call our discrimination and draw attention to bias.

Diverse Educators offer a wonderful variety of training that allows you to tailor your sessions to the exact needs of your school. They are engaging, excellent facilitators and provoke staff to challenge their own personal biases. I would highly recommend working with them and I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate in the future.

Thenneh Conteh, DEI Lead & PE Teacher