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Hugh Ogilvie portrait

Hugh Ogilvie

Ian Hunter portrait

Ian Hunter

Jane Clewlow portrait

Jane Clewlow

Jo Brighouse image

Jo Brighouse

Leila MacTavish portrait

Leila MacTavish

Isabel Instone portrait

Isabel Instone

Nicky Bright portrait

Nicky Bright

Patrick Thomson portrait

Patrick Thomson

Richard Lewis portrait

Richard Lewis

Savitri Patel portrait

Savitri Patel

Tulika Samal portrait

Tulika Samal


Anya Diaz-Cebreiro portrait

Anya Diaz-Cebreiro

Artemi Sakellariadis portrait

Artemi Sakellariadis

Caroline Powell portrait

Caroline Powell

Liz Wright portrait

Elizabeth Wright

George Fielding portrait

George Fielding

James Hollinsley portrait

James Hollinsley

Julie Cassiano portrait

Julie Cassiano

Laura McConnell portrait

Laura McConnell

Lena Carter portrait

Lena Carter

Beckie West portrait

Beckie West

Gender Reassignment

Cal Horton flag image

Cal Horton

Char Utton portrait

Char Aramis

Dylan Ahmed portrait

Dylan Ahmed

EJ Francis Caris-Hamer portrait

EJ-Francis Caris-Hamer

Jami Edwards-Clarke portrait

Jami Edwards-Clarke

Kate Hollinshead portrait

Kate Hollinshead

Kip Webb-Heller portrait

Kip Webb-Heller

Kit Rackley portrait

Kit Rackley

Matthew Savage portrait

Matthew Savage

Tasha Fletcher portrait

Tasha Fletcher


Abena Akuffo Kelly

Abena Akuffo-Kelly

Audrey Pantelis portrait

Audrey Pantelis

Emma Swift portrait

Emma Swift

James Clarke portrait

James Clarke

Kiran Mahil portrait

Kiran Mahil

Lee Jerome portrait

Lee Jerome

Lottie Cooke portrait

Lottie Cooke

Nicole Ponsford portrait

Nic Ponsford

Richard Atterton portrait

Richard Atterton

Dr Susan Davis portrait

Dr Susan Davis

Marriage and Civil Partnership

Amanda Carter-Philpott portrait

Amanda Carter-Philpott

Claire Price portrait

Claire Price

Hayle Chalke-Davies portrait

Hayle Chalke-Davies

James Pope portrait

James Pope

Jessica Austin-Burdett portrait

Jessica Austin-Burdett

Kate Pope portrait

Kate Pope

Kiran Satti portrait

Kiran Satti

Laura Davies portrait

Laura Davies

Lois Nethersell-Webb portrait

Lois Nethersell-Webb

Sadie Hollins portrait

Sadie Hollins

Sarah Mullin portrait

Sarah Mullin

Maternity and Pregnancy

Chris Reddy portrait

Chris Reddy

Claire Neaves portrait

Claire Neaves

Cleo de Jong portrait

Cleo de Jong

Julie Waddington portrait

Julie Waddington

Kirsty Colburn-Hayes portrait

Kirsty Colburn-Hayes

Lucy Starbuck-Braidley portrait

Lucy Starbuck-Braidley

Mags Gee portrait

Mags Gee

Mark Chatley portrait

Mark Chatley

Nadine Bernard portrait

Nadine Bernard

Ruth Kennell portrait

Ruth Kennell


Adrian McLean portrait

Adrian McLean

Albert Adeyemi portrait

Albert Adeyemi

Ash Pollard portrait

Ash Pollard

Claire Stewart-Hall portrait

Claire Stewart-Hall

Ebanie Xavier-Cope portrait

Ebanie Xavier-Cope

Jenetta Hurst portrait

Jenetta Hurst

Jessica Boyd portrait

Jessica Boyd

Laura Mcbean and Shrehan Lynch portrait

Laura McBean and Shrehan Lynch

Rhia Gibbs portrait

Rhia Gibbs

Sharon Porter portrait

Sharon Porter

Religion and Belief

Allison Zionts portrait

Allison Zionts

Anjum Peerbacos portrait

Anjum Peerbacos

Aysha Khanom portrait

Aysha Khanom

Elizabeth Walsh-Iheoma portrait

Elizabeth Walsh-Iheoma

Esther Cummins portrait

Esther Cummins

George White portrait

George White

Jacqui Newsome portrait

Jacqueline Newsome

Nasra Barre portrait

Nasra Barre

Orla McKeating portrait

Orla McKeating

Phillip Smith portrait

Phillip Smith


Alex Purdie portrait

Alex Purdie

Anita Fiddes portrait

Anita Fiddes-Kapadia

Annelouise Jordan-Leazy portrait

Annelouise Jordan

Diana Osagie portrait

Diana Osagie

Jeremy Davies portrait

Jeremy Davies

Lindsay Patience portrait

Lindsay Patience

Lucy Rose portrait

Lucy Rose

Ninna Makrinov portrait

Ninna Makrinov

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Patrick Ottley-O'Connor

Virginia Mendez portrait

Virginia Mendez

Yamina Bibi portrait

Yamina Bibi

Sexual Orientation

Amy Ferguson portrait

Amy Ferguson

Andrew Moffat portrait

Andrew Moffat

Carly Hind portrait

Carly Hind

Daniel Tomlinson-Gray portrait

Daniel Tomlinson-Gray

Jac Bastian portrait

Jac Bastian

Lisa Jordan portrait

Lisa Jordan

Mahlon Evans-Sinclair portrait

Mahlon Evans-Sinclair

Mayur Gupta portrait

Mayur Gupta

Nick Bentley portrait

Nick Kitchener-Bentley

Shaun Dellenty portrait

Shaun Dellenty

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