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Our Creating Inclusive Workplaces Training

Our Creating Inclusive Workplaces Training

Our Training Offer

We support all stakeholders in schools, colleges and trusts, in developing their consciousness, confidence and competence in ensuring that their workplace is inclusive.

We will create a safe space for you to explore your identity, power and privilege. We will create a brave space for you to consider how you can leverage your privilege and expand your sphere of influence. We will create an intentional space for you to review how small changes can make a big impact for how included people feel.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

Our training sessions include:
  • Understanding what it means to be included and to belong in a workplace
  • Ensuring that we are being intentionally inclusive in everything we do within our workplaces
  • Raising awareness of the societal, structural and systemic barriers impacting different individuals and groups
  • Challenging language, behaviours and practices that are not inclusive
  • Reviewing how we show up how we interact and we hold space for each other

The CPD sessions provided by Diverse Educators were well pitched, planned and delivered, provided much food for thought and will empower our staff to develop and embellish the EDI work that is already underway across the curriculum – it was excellent!

Headmaster, King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School