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Our Cultivating a Culture of Belonging Training

Our Cultivating a Culture of Belonging Training

Our Training Offer

We support all stakeholders in schools and trusts, in developing their consciousness, confidence and competence in considering who feels safe, who feels seen and who feels valued.

We can deliver face to face and virtually, for twilights, INSETs and conferences.

We will create a safe space for you to explore levels of belonging and psychological safety. We will create a brave space for you to explore the perception gap between different stakeholders.

Our training sessions include:
  • Reflecting on what gives us a sense of belonging
  • Exploring our own relationships and journeys with belonging
  • Considering how we gather staff voice on belonging
  • Reviewing the perception gap between stakeholder groups
  • Considering how to create a belonging culture and a belonging curriculum
  • Discussing the policies and practices that need to change to increase levels of belonging

We are always delighted to be able to showcase the outstanding training delivered by Diverse Educators within our ITE curriculum. The facilitator is committed to developing diversity, equity and inclusion within and throughout the education system, which supports our trainees in becoming knowledgeable and confident with their own learning and development. Thank you for a fantastic session.

Katie Williams, SCITT Director