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Our DEI Critical Friendship

Our DEI Critical Friendship

We believe that sometimes it is not a coach that you need, but a mentor or a critical friend.

We position ourselves as critical friends, with our clients, when invited to do so as this relationship needs to be contracted so that it is safe and supportive.

Last year, on a 1:1 basis we supported CEOs, Headteachers and Senior Leaders who were responsible for shaping the DEI strategy in their contexts. Each individual wanted a safe space to explore what was happening for them, their teams and their schools to mull over policies, practices and processes to ensure that they were fit for purpose and serving their community.

We also worked with teams such as governing bodies, Senior Leadership Teams and newly formed DEI working parties in schools or across MATs who wanted some accountability on their DEI action plans.

Get in touch if you are looking for a critical friend to bring you constructive challenge.

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